CSE 91 Post 2

I am choosing the first two bullets, rest your brain and communicate with your instructors.

For the first one, I have always had trouble falling asleep, and it is especially bad now that I go to college and must wake up on my own for a 9:00 class.  A sort of sleep doctor said that it is bad to use the computer late at night if you want to sleep, and should cool down with reading a book or something.  So I will probably stop using the computer and read a book for 30 minutes or an hour so I can try to sleep at about midnight and get enough sleep for the night.

For the second one, it is always good to talk to your lecturers and ask questions.  You might learn some new things that you are having trouble understanding and they will probably appreciate you coming into their office hours and asking about something, because that is what they are there for, to help you learn.


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