CSE 91 Assignment 7

Part I:

Topic 2:  I do find it is hard sometimes to manage my time; I always have a lot of work to do that I don’t really want to do as well as well as a lot of fun things to do that I want to do but don’t necessarily have the time for.  However I find that I generally save enough time during the day to get done what I need to and I don’t have any huge problems.  If there were one thing I could change though it would be to start things like papers earlier so they will be better quality.

Topic 3:  I am not entirely sure what I would like to do after graduation.  I would like to start my own company and have several ideas for that, pretty much because I would be able to do whatever I felt like and not take orders from anybody.  I don’t really feel like I would want to go to grad school just because I don’t want to spend an insane amount of time going to school when I can be out living my life.

Part II:

The techniques I chose from that assignment so long ago were to stop using the computer for a time before I felt like sleeping and to ask my professors questions.  The first technique I found helpful; the second one not so much.  The one I liked was god because it really did help me get to sleep earlier so I wasn’t sleeping all day when I should have been going to class.  But I did not find asking questions of my professors to be very helpful because I felt that I acquired the right amount of knowledge and that questions wouldn’t be helpful to me.


CSE 91 Week 7 Assignment # 6

Part I:  This Voting system would print a list of whoever voted for who on a county website.  A system like this would have both pros and cons.  On the good hand, assuming whoever put the lists online were accurate and truthful and trustworthy, the results of the election would not really be in dispute.  We would all know the correct results of the election and be able to research for some types of voter fraud.

On the other hand this would undermine the whole point of secret ballots.  The secret ballot system was set up so that people could vote for whoever they want without fear or pressure from employers, family members, or politicians.  People voting for certain controversial candidates could be targeted and scared out of voting for them.

Part II:  I know a lot about the commerce that goes on with private data.  Just recently, Twitter sold a billion tweets to advertisers.  Facebook routinely sells all of its users private data to advertisers as well.  In fact, even your Google search results are different based on your web history.  A big concern besides from the fact that hundreds of companies knowing more of my personal information than banks do is security.  It may be tough to hack into Facebook’s servers, but once your information goes to 100 places, there are 100 times more sites that can be hacked to get your information.  And perhaps these sites’ security are not as good as Facebook’s security.